How to Know if I Need Commercial Roof Replacement

As a business owner, you might not walk through your commercial building’s roof to determine if it needs commercial roof repair or replacement. The rest of the building could be warning you of some signals that point toward tear-off, repair, and replacement.

Most problems with your building’s roof could provoke a disaster or even the end of your business. That is why it is cheaper and better to keep up with your building’s roofing maintenance. As well, it is important to know the signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

Keep reading this to find out about the signs your roof needs a commercial roof replacement and if you need to start searching for “commercial roof replacement near me”.


If your industrial roof is experiencing water leaking, it is clear that your roof needs some help. However, water leaks are not always noticeable, especially in a commercial building where you can’t always see the underside of the roof.

Instead, you need to be on the outlook for subordinate signs of leaks. Look out for signs of mold or water spots on the ceiling. If your building has an attic, you can occasionally go up to search for water damage.

Roof Membrane Damage

A typical type of commercial roofing for your buildings is a flat roof from a roofing membrane. Just as with shingles, you should often inspect the roof for signs of damage.

Be on the lookout for bald spots or lifting. Both are signs that your roof is no longer sealed properly, and water can become an issue. Also, look for open laps in the membrane.

Clogged Drains

Look out at your exterior gutters. If you are not noticing a volume of water roughly equal to what is landing on your roof, you might find clogged, or ponding gutter drains. These are signs you need to repair your commercial roof.


To notice this sign, you must be on the rooftop. Most roof bubbles in roofing and single ply roofing come from moisture building up under the top layer of the roof. The number of bubbles your roof has is an indicator of the time your roof has. The more bubbles, the sooner your roof needs to be fixed.

Replace Your Commercial Roof at Walton Contractors

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