7 Steps to Get Ready for a Roof Replacement

Getting ready for a roof replacement can make all the difference. We know that roof replacement is a stressful time for most homeowners. That is why we created this 7 step guide to help you be prepared for when roofers come to turn everything upside down.

After reading this guide, you will feel less stressed and ready to tackle any challenges along the way!

Step 1: Organize

Start the process of a roof replacement by getting all your documentation in order. This includes everything from insurance information to property records, and it’s important because if you don’t have everything together when the project starts, it could add time and money to the cost of your roof replacement.

Step 2: Kids and Pets First

A roof repair might be quite frightening. There will be loud noises, constant activity, and personnel on the job. If you believe your children and pets would become distressed by the sounds, activities, and movement at the workplace, schedule a visit to the park or a play date to unwind.

Step 3: Make Space

Residential roofing services will most likely use your driveway. It is in your best interests to take care of your cars. Contractors will require access to their equipment and a location to store shingles and debris. To avoid any dust or debris from entering, it’s ideal if you keep your garage doors closed during work.

Protect your automobile and park a safe distance from your home. Consider outdoor furniture, planters, bikes, and landscape lighting while you’re at it.

Step 4: Strip Down Your Walls

Vibrations from individuals walking, swinging hammers, and machinery on your roof may pass through the walls of your house. It’s best to move any decorations or furnishings that aren’t fastened to the wall.

Step 5: Turn Off Your Sprinkler System

When you forget to turn off the sprinklers while working in the yard, it’s incredibly annoying. Sprinkler systems become your worst adversary at that point. Before you offer your roofers a drenching, remember to switch off your sprinkler system.

Step 6- Cover Your Attic Up

A clean slate will also assist in preventing damage when it comes to cleaning out your attic. Because all of the walking and pounding on your roof might cause dust or tiny debris to fall into your attic, it’s a good idea to cover any storage you have there with an old sheet or a drop cloth.

Step 7- Hire Professionals!

Roof replacements are quite dangerous. Before attempting a DIY project, be sure to speak to professionals and ask for a free inspection. Remember, it’s important that you hire the right company for you.

Walton Contractors offer residents in Chicago residential roofing services. We tailor our services to your needs since every step specializes in minimizing disruption.

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