Leak in Your Commercial Building? We Got You!

It’s ok not to know what to do when your roof is leaking. First of all, don’t panic. It’s only water, and we know how to handle these kinds of emergencies! Follow these tips to best handle your business building leaks.

Tip 1: Create Risk Assessments

The best way to determine what is the cause of the leak is to do a risk assessment. Additionally, this lets you know the other possible cases following the leak, for example, rotting or electrical damage.

Tip 2: Location And Extent Of The Leak

To know what is to come, we must first find out where the leak is and how big it is. This information allows us to take further actions such as removing temporary patching or replacing tiles.

Tip 3: Keep The Leak Off Of Flooring

An active leak on the flooring is bad since it will result in water damage to your commercial facility’s materials. Pools of water can lead to rot, rust, mold, electrical dangers, and even destruction of the material itself.

Tip 4: Take Safeguards

Taking actions such as shutting off the water supply or electrical supply to prevent further damage. This also prevents anyone from causing more damage and for you to avoid a lawsuit stemming from negligence or voiding a warranty.

Tip 5: Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot a water source by considering it could be HVAC or plumbing issues, so confirm this before calling for help.

Tip 6: Complete Restoration

Have the restoration process be part of any warranty you would receive. Hence, there are no surprises when owning a business. Recovering from a roof leak is not cheap, and warranties should always be provided.

Tip 6: Call The Professionals

Call a professional roofing contractor who offers personalized services. They need to be a call away if any more damages happen.

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