Fixing Ponding on a Flat Roof

While it’s typical for water to collect on a flat roof after rain, too much ponding can damage your roof and invalidate your warranty.

The steps you’ll need to take to fix ponding on a flat roof depend on its cause. The problem might have something to do with the angle of your roof or its drainage system.

This blog post will discuss practical ways to eliminate standing water from your flat roof. Keep reading for more tips!

Tips to Stop Water Pooling on Flat Roof

  1. Flush Existing Drains
    The drainage system is the first place to look when you notice water pooling on your roof. If you’re lucky, that will be the only issue, as it is usually the most straightforward problem to fix.
    Check for any clogged drains, as they are commonly the root of pooling roof troubles. By unclogging the drain, you will likely fix the issue.
    The gutters or drainage channels are the following spots to explore if you have a rooftop leak. When either of these is clogged, water flow is disrupted and pooled on your roof.
  2. Fix Low Spots
    Although commercial flat roofs aren’t always perfectly level, there are usually subtle slopes on the roof’s surface. These can form from the installation process, weak spots in the ceiling, or an accumulation of debris or precipitation.
    If you have a contractor with experience, they will know how to subtly slope a flat roof for better drainage. This action allows rainwater and melted snow to run off quickly instead of puddling on your top.
    This will help remove the excess water from the edges of the building to either an external drainage system or some internal drains designated to carry away any moisture.
  3. Add More Drain Lines
    If your current drainage system is not correctly removing water from your flat roof, you can take some measures to improve it. One of the most effective ways to do this is by adding additional drains, which will come at an extra cost.
    Flat roofs, particularly areas with high precipitation, will sometimes need additional drains to properly clear the water from the ceiling.
  4. Install Roof Crickets
    When it rains, you might notice the water ponds in certain areas on your flat roof. These problem areas are usually near chimneys or large vents.
    Installing roof crickets is the best way to redirect water away from common ponding areas on your roof. Crickets are rigid structures placed around obstructed areas, like chimneys and vents, that guide melted snow and rainwater around them.
  5. Re-pitch The Rooftop
    Suppose your commercial roof is struggling to keep ponding water at bay. In that case, it could be because the pitch wasn’t designed or installed correctly from the beginning.
    All roofs need a slope to allow for proper water drainage during storms. If your roof is flat, the pooling water can lead to premature deterioration and other structural problems.
  6. Replace The Membrane
    Your roof’s membrane is the vital layer that essentially prevents outside elements, such as moisture, from being able to enter and damage areas of your home.
    When moisture collects in your building, it can lead to extensive damage. If the membrane is damaged -and there are many reasons this might occur, such as ponding water- it might be time for a new roof membrane.
  7. Compress Insulation
    Compressed insulation is one of the primary reasons you’ll find water pooling on your roof. When this happens, it creates significant problems with your roof’s weatherproofing abilities.
    Compressed insulation is often caused by heavy roofing equipment that rests on the insulation during installation. Also, if you frequently walk over the same area of your roof, it can cause indentations that may result in water pooling.

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