Problems With Industrial Roofing

Even with high-quality materials and installation, industrial roofing won’t last forever. Although it might seem like your roof has no problems, this isn’t always the case.

By regularly examining the quality of your roof, you can avoid any significant problems and keep your building safe for employees while maintaining high productivity.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some common issues with commercial roofing. Keep reading to learn more!

Most Common Issues in Your Commercial Roofing

  • Roof Leaks: There are plenty of telltale signs of a leak, such as mold spots, water stains, puddling water, and strong odors. You might also notice leaks in the walls or ceiling. If you see any signs of a leak, it’s essential to take immediate action.
  • Weather Damage: From hail storms to severe winds, extreme weather can cause significant problems for your roof.
  • Ponding Water: Water is one of the worst things for your roof–it’s a structural nightmare. When water can’t drain properly, it pools and weighs down your roof. The more water, the more weight, which jeopardizes your home’s stability.
  • Poor Installation: If you don’t care when installing it, your roof will likely have a shorter lifespan and be more vulnerable to severe weather conditions.
  • Mechanical Damage: Roofing problems are often caused by human error, but they can also result from mechanical damage from sources like foot traffic, HVAC malfunctions, loose tools, and negligence or over-use.
  • Gutters and Drains: If you don’t clean your gutters, it can cause severe damage to your roof. It starts as a small problem, but if left unchecked, it can lead to more significant issues like leaking.
  • Roof Cracking: Roof cracking is most often caused by thermal shock, though poor installation can contribute. The ultraviolet rays from the sun break down roofing materials over time, with darker-colored roofs being more susceptible to this type of damage.
  • Surface Erosion: Surface erosion refers to splitting, blistering, and other problems on the roof. If not fixed immediately, surface erosion will cause even more damage to the roof, like a quicker aging process.
  • Bird-Related Problems: Although the durability of your roof matters, any roof can have problems with birds. They may break off bits of material or deposit debris. If a bird perceives your roof as a good home base, water damage or other destruction could occur.

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